Jul 18, 2018  
2018-2019 Academic Catalog: DRAFT IN PROGRESS 
2018-2019 Academic Catalog: DRAFT IN PROGRESS

2018-2019 Academic Catalog: DRAFT IN PROGRESS

Welcome to the 2018-2019 Academic Catalog--DRAFT PREVIEW EDITION

Welcome to the draft edition of the 2018-2019 catalog. This is both unofficial and incomplete, but a preview of what we anticipate having in place for 2018-2019.

The final, completed and approved draft is slated for July 1, 2018.

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Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles

Florida Polytechnic University students embody the University's mission and vision. They are trailblazers. They have world-changing ambition. Their spirits are raised by the opportunity to explore the unknown, to try something new and to be the first. Those rare, raw qualities - qualities attributed to history's most revered explorers, inventors, architects and problem solvers - will be shaped into applicable skills at Florida Polytechnic through the University's immersive, hands-on, industry-inspired curriculum and applied research opportunities.

Mission Statement

The mission of Florida Polytechnic University is to prepare 21st century learners in advanced fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to become innovative problem-solvers and high-tech professionals through interdisciplinary teaching, leading-edge research, and collaborative local, regional and global partnerships.

Vision Statement

Florida Polytechnic University will be a world-renowned "University of Innovation" for producing a dynamic pool of info-tech talent with real-world solutions and the capacity to lead global high-tech industries through customized undergraduate and graduate STEM-enriched academic curriculum, operating space and facilities, entrepreneurial research and interactive business industry partnerships.

Guiding Principles (Core Values)

Florida Polytechnic embraces and hopes to be known for holding the following guiding principles:

Continuous Innovation

The University is implementing a curriculum that continuously evolves with technology and industry in order to enhance the reflexes and leadership skills of its students and prepare them for leadership and entrepreneurial success in the high-tech workforce. By embracing a learning process that fully integrates science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and applied research in collaboration with industry, the University will facilitate ongoing innovation both in and out of the classroom.


Florida Polytechnic University empowers its staff, faculty, and students to explore, experiment and solve problems for the benefit of their community, the nation and the world by encouraging, rewarding and recognizing creativity and innovation. The University embraces difference and diversity through an open-minded culture based on innovation and discovery.


New technology and scientific discovery yield constant change. Florida Polytechnic University is agile by design, responding to ever-changing student needs and encouraging the same responsiveness in students to lead technological trends and real-world innovation.


Innovation doesn't happen in silos. Florida Polytechnic University fosters collaboration by encouraging students and faculty to conduct research side by side, by facilitating multidisciplinary learning opportunities and by actively engaging industry partners in collaborative research and projects.


Florida Polytechnic University harbors a bold mission to deliver a new kind of academic experience and a continuously innovative STEM education in a cutting-edge environment. Launching such a vision, as with any innovative endeavor, requires confidence, strategy and courage. Florida Polytechnic University encourages and supports the same trailblazing spirit in its students, staff and faculty by keeping an open mind to new ideas, solutions and possibilities.


Note: The policies, regulations, and requirements published in this catalog are for informational purposes and are subject to continual review and amendment in order to serve the needs of the University's students, faculty, and staff. The University reserves the right to change policies, regulations, and requirements at any time. The ultimate responsibility for knowing University policies, regulations, and requirements rests with the applicant, student or employee. For the latest up-to-date information please refer to the University website or contact the appropriate office. This catalog is not a contract, either expressed or implied, between any applicant, student, or employee and Florida Polytechnic University.

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